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LyricalLove Music Songwriter Miami Fort Lauderdale Jazz Musician

LyricalLove Press & Projects

Here you can find links to different projects, promotions, interviews, press, etc. Stay updated by signing up for our newsletter. 

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The LyricalLove Collection features different items for fashion, home decor, and electronic accessories meant to inspire self-love, peace, and self-awareness. The LyricalLove Collection features items of high quality fabric and some proceeds are being donated to help spread environmental awareness. Sign up for free shipping here


ShoutOut Miami Interview

Shoutout Miami took the opportunity to interview LyricalLove personally. Learn more about the songwriter behind the name, Shontal Prince. You may find that you have more in common than you think! Shoutout Miami's mission is to promote small businesses. Read more here

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Kahawia Speaks To LyricalLove

Business blogger Kahawia sat down with LyricalLove to learn more about her early life in music. In this interview you can take a look deeper into the life of a songwriter and how she became LyricalLove. Kahawia means "brown" in Swahili. Read more.


NitRaSit Reviews LyricalLove

NitRaSit is a celebrity designer, community activist and fashion blogger. After the release of "ETF", NitRaSit took time to review LyricalLove's new song. Read more here.

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