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Believe in yourself 😊

If you want to learn how to sing, the first step is believing in yourself.

You can't be confident if you don't believe in yourself. And you can't believe in yourself if you don't have confidence. But once you do—and once you've realized that singing is just another skill that you can learn and master—you'll be ready to start taking steps toward your goal of becoming a successful singer.

The best way to build confidence as a singer is by practicing consistently and making sure that every time you sing, it's because YOU want to sing. Not because someone else wants you to or because someone else told you it was time for practice. You should only ever sing when YOU are ready and feel like doing so!

If this sounds like it might be too hard for you, don't worry! We're here for support! We've got lots of tips on our website about how to practice often but not too much (what we call "resting"), all about how to breathe properly when singing (it's not just about inhaling!), and more!

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Thank you for reading!

Shontal Prince | Professional Voice Coach

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