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atiba kamara

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Hi, my name is Atiba Kamara and I'm an up and coming artist looking to spread the gospel through music. I also write books, poetry, blogs & novels. With these gifts, I hope to encourage you to hold onto the faith. As you check my stuff out I ask that you listen to the Spirit behind the music. Know that He is calling you back to Himself.


I never aspired to sing or write songs. Growing up all I knew was Hip Hop and Reggae. In high school, I was known for making beats, rapping, & DJing. As life progressed the pains of this life began to weigh heavily upon me. Without a plan or thought I just started writing about it. My songs were full of the sorrow and loneliness that I felt at the time.

When I moved down to Florida in 2012 I reached the breaking point. In my time of despair I called out to the Father and He answered me. Soon after I was prompted by the Spirit to stop making beats and pick the guitar, an instrument I’d given up on before. Within a year I had more than 100 songs. As the years progressed new music kept coming more frequently. To this day I still receive songs from the Holy Spirit.

Now I’m ready to show the world what the Father has shown to me. Through worship, evil is fought and bonds are broken. With that said, I do not call myself an entertainer. No, I am a messenger. Let the power of Christ and his Holy Spirit transform you. Let it break your heart and humble your spirit. Be redeemed! Be sanctified! This is why I sing. This is why I write. It’s to help people like you see the Father and His Son. Nothing else." - Atiba "Teacher Of Light"

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